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WHAT THE TRAINING INVOLVES: You and your vehicle - pre-arranged time and location. A.M. start.



On meeting at the designated location we discuss the aims and objectives of the day over a coffee. We already have an idea of your requirements from communications before the day, in order to best fit to your particular situation. What then follows is a number of drives/vehicle movements which will highlight the risks you are often unknowingly putting yourself into. These include the following:

  • How to maxmimise you and your family's safety when approaching or exiting home, workplace and the vehicle.

  • When on the move, how to identify situations of greatest risk and then how to minimise this risk.

  • What basic precautions need to be taken when momentarily stationary and during planned stops.

  • Recognise staged situations and how to avoid subsequent entrapment.

  • Plus a range of precautions that should be part of your everyday movements.


The above highlights some but clearly not all of the training that will form part of your day. You will receive guidance notes at the end of the session, including basic checklists to carry out on your return home or to the office. 


Once the day has been completed further training options will be made available, should needs or situation require. We discuss this with you during the avoidance course. We have exclusive use of secure off-road training areas  and test/racetrack for high speed and evasive manoeuvre training. Talk to us or email for details and availability

Security glass in action - demo 



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