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Updated: Sept 29  2019

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If you are serious about your - or your family's  - safety then you need to understand how to manage risk - and so best avoid trouble. The recent high incidence of moped attacks and road rage incidents, together with the general lack of policing on today's roads, require that it is your personal responsibility to keep yourself as safe as is practicable. Our objective is to equip you with the drills to deal with high-risk events and provide a training path to the highest levels of personal security should your status or work/operating environment require so.


And remember, it doesn't need you to be in the middle east to be at risk. London, Paris, many holiday resorts all potentially hold high risk status. Most streets in the UK contains risk. You won't see what you don't notice, so you can't manage..... until you train. If this interests you, read on....


Defensive and anti-car-jacking training is not, should not - and does not need to be - the dramatic, SAS-style evasivedefensive driver training with manoeuvres that you may be imagining and commonly see being taught. IF you have got to that stage it has already gone badly wrong.  Instead, the training we provide -and what you really need - is very subtle, the sort that makes you so much more aware of your environment, your journey, your potential threats,  from the moment you exit your home to the arrival at the work-place, school-drop, premises, back home or just out to the social get-together. If you like people watching you will like how we shift this up a gear. You will learn how to manage first of all you, then your car and then the environment you pass through whilst traveling, on foot, in a car etc. The seemingly less-aggressive tactics may not appear SAS-like, but the thinking very definitely is.


You will probably have read of recent attacks on people waiting in cars, dropping children off, stopping at lights, being attacked by moped gangs, knife wielding attackers who care not for your safety or property. We WILL prepare you for such incidents and provide a high degree of capability to prevent such an attack from a/ happening in the first place and b/ what to do if or when such an attack occurs.  This kind of situation is no longer rare. It has become commonplace, with over 60 incidents a day in London alone occurring at the moment (3rd quarter 2018).


Attend one of our courses and you will become so much better equipped to deal with both general and specific risk. You will leave with a far greater perception of your environment - and how to ensure that you, your family and your vehicle stay safe: And you will use it every day because you will find that it also reduces the stress of current driving situations.  So it becomes your standard process, so it always stays fresh, so you are ready if or when things do go wrong,


We have all of the skills and facilities to teach you the evasive strategies, should you wish to take the training further, but the initial avoidance stage is by far the most critical element that underpins all personal safety and anti car-jacking training.


What is involved....

  • You are introduced to straightforward steps, which vastly improve your safety: Keep You, your family, your vehicle/property SAFE

  • You are taught to recognise risks presented by the environment you repeatedly take yourself through.

  • It takes just one day for initial avoidance training, to make you massively safer

  • It's just you, not a group of people. High intensity but with full support.


By doing the course


As a result of the course you will be significantly more aware of how to manage you, your family and your vehicle's safety on a regular day-2-day basis. You will be:-

  • More astute

  • More aware

  • More questioning

This will facilitate you developing far greater self-awareness.  Combined with all the underpinnings of a good, defensive, police-advanced-style drive this will keep you safe. Taking this further you then proceed to our off-road Day2+ course where we introduce you to more extreme avoidance techniques, once a threat is imminent.


# Video of Michael Watson's VW Golf R shows it being followed by a Mercedes - check out the video footage on-line and see what else you notice #


WHO WE AREdefensive driver training with



JN: Ex- Thames Valley Police Officer - Class 1 Traffic/pursuit/VIP etc. tactical firearms officer and firearms instructor, close protection trained, SEG officer, VIP secure movements. 20+ years experience. Highly trained to enable you to recognise and manage risk.


MC: High Performance Driver trainer - 20+ years experience training a broad spectrum of drivering and drivers, in a vast array of vehicles, from 6x6 MAN off-road trucks, to prestige cars to SportsGT and racecars, everywhere from the Silverstone to the Sahara, the streets of Birmingham to Benghazi. Highly trained to eradicate your driver weaknesses.




WHY come to us?


The above experience for a start. But, almost more importantly, we're down to earth. We make it easy, keep the training straightforward and, quite rarely for this type of training, we work with just you - not a group: So, no need to be put off by other course participants. 


"Car-jacking isn't just the preserve of Johannesburg, but is more common than you realise, and much closer to home. With over 1000 car-jackings a year in the metropolitan area and 600+ in Greater Manchester (Home Office 2015 official statistics) this is an ever-increasing problem and a real risk. In fact a fatality in Manchester (Nov 2015) highlights the real nature of the risk."


On our initial, highly effective avoidance course we don't concentrate on the aggressive manoeuvre approach usually applied in anti-hijack type training; instead we give you the means to avoid these situations in the first place.  We can lead you into courses covering the more specialised exit strategies, should your situation require this, but everything is underpinned by the avoidance course covering first principles: Easy-to-learn-and-apply.


 "When you drive home you will immediately find yourself applying what you've just learned"


The avoidance course will also significantly benefit your everyday stress levels whilst driving and improve well-being even when nothing goes wrong. And we ensure that predominantly nothing goes wrong. Just think, swapping your insurance details at the scene of a minor collision may actually be the start of a planned aggressive vehicle theft.


" Many thanks for today. I learned a lot and also thoroughly enjoyed the day."


"Great session, absolutely brilliant" - current serving special forces operative



If you are looking for protective training then talk to us. We have the appropriate background, experience and training to put you in the best position to recognise and subsequently manage risk. With the world becoming ever more dangerous why not invest a day to avoid those initial few seconds where it all starts to go very here for more information on the avoidance course



Contact for further details (anytime) on +44 (0)1925 265 354 or +44(0)7876 576 320 or email.


"We always aim to be informative and helpful - and we won't try to talk you in to what isn't appropriate."


"Better to learn to avoid the event, whenever possible, rather than just train for the event"

defensive driver training with

defensive driver training with